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No two people are alike at Del Opticians, and every person's visual needs are certainly unique--yet there are products from which nearly everyone can benefit . Once you experience these enhancements to standard prescription lenses, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Glare-free or anti-reflective (AR) lenses provide a clearer, cleaner view of the world around you!


Facts about Anti-Reflective Lenses
1) Stronger prescriptions, either minus or plus, have more visible reflections.  Anti-reflective lenses minimize surface reflections on both clear and tinted lenses.


2) Reflections can be annoying.  Overhead lights and reflections from computer screens and windows contribute to glare.  Surface and internal lens reflections intensify them and interfere with crisp vision.  When driving at night, the flash of an oncoming headlight creates surface and internal reflections that multiply the effects of the light's intensity.

3) Reflections may be annoying to others.  Light reflections bouncing off regular eyeglasses may offend the visibility of others looking at you.
4) Computer eyestrain is minimized with anti-reflective lenses.


These lenses are the ideal choice for your everyday eyewear because they are as good as  clear lenses with the added benefit of automatically adjusting to changing light. Photochromic lenses provide sun protection and superior visual comfort, and they provide automatic ultraviolet radiation (UV) protection and glare reduction too! They are the most convenient way for you to protect your eyes and to achieve healthy sight.


Don't you hate those scratches that appear on the lenses after only a few weeks?  Although modern lenses are lighter, thinner, and minimize distortion to help you see your best, they are still susceptible to scratches which can mar the pristine optical surface. 

Most of these scratches are minor, and the standard anti-scratch hard coating prevents most of them.  But if you have trouble keeping your lenses out of harm's way, or if you commonly work around dust or the types of things which can damage plastic lenses, try our tough Scratch-Defender coating.  In our tests, it held up to a grueling work-over with a steel-wool scrub pad!   At just $25.00, this is a must have product.

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